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Brett, CEO of Get Buy-In, is a highly-experienced business executive committed to developing individuals to achieve exceptional performance and teamwork.  Leading with how to “get buy-in”, Brett addresses the most critical competence that stops a person from successfully leading their own life and leading people.  The process and skills needed to get buy-in, when practiced well, transform how a person shows up and conducts themselves.  Great performance and great leadership then emerge.

Brett works with people and organizations through coaching, facilitation, seminars and workshops. He also speaks and presents at events and conferences.  Focusing on getting buy-in as his “lead” topic, Brett conducts online and local public seminars on “Getting Buy-In: How to Effectively Communicate.”  His additional work includes facilitating strategic planning off-sites, building team effectiveness, increasing sales performance, and conducting in-house and public-forum programs in leadership development called Empowering Leadership™.

Brett being highly skilled and experienced in sales, teaches business-to-business strategic selling.  For non-sales people, Brett teaches his “Getting Buy-In™” methods and skills.

Brett is a Ph.D. Student in Human and Organizational Development at the Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California. He holds a Masters in Systems Management from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors in Social and Behavioral Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University.

Brett is co-author of the book, Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed.

Brett is working on an App to help you “know thyself” and to “know others”, which are critical to effectively getting buy-in.  In addition, he is developing an App to help you access where you are in the getting buy-in process to give you analytics of your chances of actually getting buy-in.

Brett is also finishing up his next book.  It is about getting buy-in as the essential skill for leading your own life and for leading people.

For a more extensive bio on Brett, please see Brett’s bio.