Empowering Leadership

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Empowering Leadership™ by Brett Mallory Miles

The Need for Empowering Leadership™

Leaders are people who have a purpose, see a vision, and are determined to strive to achieve them by filling a role and earning followers.  Successful leaders feel they have the power to pursue their purpose and vision.  They feel “empowered” to get the right people on the team, develop team competence, and assess team performance.

Empowered leaders know that how they see things matters to them, their organizations, and the world around them.  Their “world views” and beliefs shape their interpretations which shape their judgments and decisions.  An empowered leader knows they have a choice as to how they interpret and see the world.  If not, a leader will feel victimized by outside factors.  “Victims” are not great leaders.

Leadership is not just about “doing” things.  Empowering leadership is first about how a leader is “being” and that is a choice and an interpretation!

We use five guiding principles that a leader, manager, or employee embrace and implement to significantly improve their attitudes and performance.  They are the five principles of Empowering Leadership™.

Foundational Principles of Empowering Leadership™

Responsibility, Commitment, Authenticity, Contribution, and Getting Buy-In™.

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